Melaku Belay and Jeroen started to actively work together in 2013 when we did our first production called Meeting. Taking place in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in collaboration with Norwegian choreographer Magnhild Fossum and masinqo virtuoso Endris Hassen, it was a first attempt to do an interdisciplinary performance. Musicians moved and dancers participated in the music, and we setup a sound system around the audience to incorporate them more into the performance. Some special foot switches were installed to trigger and layer sine tones in Ethiopian musical scales. It was big fun, well attended, we even had Getatchew Mekurya firing up the audience, so we decided to proceed with the idea. The year the project was proceeded  under the name Fano. We spent more time on rehearsals, tried to get more form in the performance, but alas had to exchange the masinqo player due to unavailability. However young replacement Dawit Lensa did a splendid job. Below you can find some impressions of the two performances, as well as some pictures of our show at the Acacia festival.

In 2016 Melaku and Jeroen picked up on the previous explorations, this time in Zürich. under the name CLASHES & CROSSFADES - metropolic moments, they took up the theme of the fast accelerating infrastructural development of the City of Addis Ababa, an African Metropole which is catapulted in the 21st century with great impact. Comparing this with the impact of technological development on social life in Europe is the basis for the performance. It was performed two times in Zürich.